Bad Housekeeping

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Description: The Helix mansion houses all of our fresh, young talent and Cameron Parks is the house master who rules with a iron fist. He has a set of rules in place that keeps every star and their bedroom porn perfect. If a boy bends those rules in any way, there's a heavy handed price to pay. The house has fresh meat moving in today; and, like most teenage boys, Julian Bell's bedroom is a mess. Cameron pushes Bell onto his unmade bed and goes ham on his hind end, smacking his sweet seat so he'll learn to keep clean. Parks pulls Julian's shorts off and orders him to remove his shirt before going back at that butt even harder for round two. Cam gets the gorgeous blond fully naked for round three, thumping the boy's beet red booty over his knee while speaking stern about respect. Master Parks pushes Julian off the bed and onto the floor, humiliating the hottie so he won't have to look at this mess again.
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