Blindfolded Booty

Duration: 2min 15sec Views: 766 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Blindfolded with his hands tied and head down ready to be humiliated, Zach Letoa only lifts his pretty face when Josh Brady walks in the bedroom with big dick swagger, swatting a leather paddle against his palm. Brady amps up the erotic anticipation by beating the paddle directly behind his boy. Then, he comforts Zach with soft strokes, and light licks of leather to the lad’s nipples. He caresses the boy’s biceps, then removes his blindfold and increases the pleasurable pain with harder paddling to Latoa’s boy wonder undies. The aroused underwear clad lad arches his back as his bubble butt and thick thighs becomes beet red. He moans, and clenches his can when the paddle hits just right. Then, Josh hikes the hottie’s briefs into his crack and goes hog wild on that hind end, spanking the dude from feet to fanny till he’s fully flushed with red hot pleasure. Liking the look of his work, Brawny Brady gets his guy completely nude, then switches to a riding crop for a more centralized sensation. The camera zooms in on Zach’s crimson caboose, complete with goose bumps looking beautiful. He swivels his hips and pushes that pretty ass out, highlighting his magnificent musculature, AND to give his master a crack at his balls, butthole, and taint, which receive a tapping treatment. But, Brady doesn’t stop there, he launches an epic assault on the lad’s lean, track star like legs. Next, Brady goes back to his first weapon of ass destruction to complete his painfully pleasurable painting of the young man’s maroon muscle butt with his paddle. Once Letoa’s bubble is bright as can be, he makes the crimson canned cutie count down the last licks with twitchy muscles and twink tenderized pleasure.
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