Jockstrap Workout! Sc. 1 - Jake Williams, Toby George

Duration: 3min 13sec Views: 505 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: What better way to start of your day with a little exercise, Jake and Toby start off jumping on their skipping rope, so only end up still jumping but naked! This leaves one hell of a view of these lean boys bodies on display with their cocks bouncing up and down. Soon after Toby is bouncing his pecs for Jake to worship, which makes them both hard, and eager to rub further down! Soon Jake's lips are wrapped around Toby's cock, making him moan in pleasure with Jake's every movement as well as the great view he has! It's not long before Jake is rubbing himself against Toby, insinuating further that he want's his cock inside him, which for sure moments later he will have!
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