Carrot-Loving Bud Gets His Arse Gaped By Stone’s Meaty Beaut! HD

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Description: Is it just coincidence that STAXUS legend, Jaro Stone, has a selection of phallic fruit and veg to hand when he witnesses his buddy, Jake Stark, playing with his cock on the opposite side of the room? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s certain, however, and that’s that a dirty-minded boy like Stone is never, ever gonna let an opportunity like this pass him by. Clearly considering cucumbers, courgettes and bananas to be unsuitable for his plans, he promptly grabs hold of a rather impressive looking carrot and makes his way over to his horny mate; charming Stark with a terrific blow-job, which itself turns into a steamy session of 69-ing, before finally thrusting the bright orange vegetable deep into the dark recesses of his buddy’s fuck-hole. It’s a move that immediately gains Stark’s approval given the way the lad soon responds by dropping down onto Stone’s lap so that he can ride his mate’s handsome ramrod; signalling the beginning of a terrific fuck-fest that will almost certainly have you grabbing hold of your own aching meat and veg in appreciation. Indeed, the sight of Stone eagerly hammering at Stark’s upturned arse shortly afterwards, leaving the young bottom’s hole quite literally gaping in the process, will surely be enough to warrant many a heavy wad of appreciative jizz from our legion of fans; as will seeing Stark return to his original fucking position so that he can squirt out a fine rope of spunk whilst bouncing up and down on Stone’s thick weapon. All of which leaves Stone the honour of calling the show a wrap by wanking off into his buddy’s comely face!
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