Hotel Helix: Trust Fall

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Description: Hotel Helix is packed this weekend with a thriving group of young professionals in the corporate world, doing team building exercises. Brett Daniels thankfully escapes before the trust fall exercise, and Caleb Gray finally sneaks away to their shared room. The guys get into deep conversation, and Caleb confesses he wants to fuck Brett. The dirty blond boy was hoping that’s where this convo would lead; and, soon enough, Daniels is on Caleb’s cock like a dog in heat. Gray gets on Daniels’ dick right after, slurping down that “D” with sloppy abandon. Feeling bossy, Caleb gets on all fours, and orders his roommate to, “eat my ass.” Daniels dives in tongue first, as he jacks his own giant jock, preparing for the moment when Caleb begs for a fucking. Gray gets what he wants, and Brett doesn’t hold back, banging that beautiful backside as ass slapping sounds fill the room. The pretty pair switch it up, and Daniels gets a deep, banging, dick down, worthy of his epic ass. Gray gives the blond twink a little love swallow as he pummels that perfect posterior. Caleb’s cock is hitting the right spot; and, soon enough, Brett blows a beauty of a load all over his smooth thigh, and shredded torso. Caleb isn’t far behind, creaming the dude from neck to nuts, before they both end in a tasty, cum covered kiss.
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