Tech Support - Part One

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Description: When the tv won’t work on game day, Jacob Hansen calls his buddy Silas over from tech support, whilst boyfriend, Sebastian Cruz bows over, and fiddles with the wires. Silas has the tv fixed in seconds, giving the glamorous boyfriends an hour to receive busy previous to company arrives. And, the lads sure do make the almost all of it! After some fleshly kisses, fondles, and booty grabs, Cruz takes Jacob’s wet cock down his mouth, with a five star engulf job that has Hansen throwing his head back in ecstasy. Concerned to acquire at his boyfriend’s girthy gift, Jacob orders Sebastian to stand, whilst that guy drops to his knees. His hunger for rod, mixed with his engulfing skills shines bright, as this chab bounces these beautiful lips up and down on that D. Still hungry, Hansen maneuvers the bronze hotty over the couch, and eats that booty untill Cruz entreats for a fucking. Concerned to please, Henson heaves his hefty hog in unfathomable, getting right to work opening Sebastian’s enjoyable wazoo up. Cruz’s knob swings in time with each thrust Jacob pumps out. Sebastian comes up for a kiss, and Hansen asks for some a-hole act; so, the lads switch it up, and Jacob climbs on top of his bf’s strong bone for a bouncy ride. After getting his fill, Hansen hops off, and presses his schlong back up Cruz’s pretty ass. That Guy bangs the dude out, legs in the air, untill sounds of a-hole smacking joy, and groans for greater amount fill the air. Hansen’s hard hammering brings Cruz to the brink, and the gayboy busts, covering his hawt six pack with recent spunk. The sizzling sight causes Henson to heat up. This Chab pulls out and paints Sebastian’s smooth ensuing with a hearty load. The gooey gift glides down the dude’s crack, and into his freshly screwed aperture, as Hensen plunges his pulsing, jizz overspread piece back in, over and over.
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